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guitar pro academic partner

As a Guitar Pro Academic Partner, Ryan is able to help students attain this amazing software at an incredible discount!  Guitar Pro allows users to see and hear playback of the song being learned.  Students can select a portion of music they are working on and slow it down.  It’s an excellent tool for learning songs, licks and exercises as well as printing your own music scores.

Pro Metronome
(by EUMLab)

While the free version of this app will take care of your basic metronome functions, students are strongly encouraged to purchase the full version for $3.  The full version will unlock the subdivision, polyrhythm and time signature features!  Available for both Android and IOS devices.

Rhythm Trainer
(By Demax)

Being able to read rhythmic notation can be an overwhelming task at first.  This app will notate a rhythm and demonstrate what it should sound like.  After seeing and hearing the performance, the user taps in the rhythm.  The app recommends 15 minute sessions per day.  This app is extremely helpful in improving ones understanding of reading rhythms.

(by RabugenTom)

This is a great app for learning guitar chords.  It is especially useful for students at the intermediate levels and beyond, as it provides information such as the notes in each chord as well as scale degrees which are used to build the chords.

Guitar Chord Cracker
(By Capell Brothers)

This app will allow you to tap in notes on a fretboard.  It will show you the name of the chord based on the notes you enter.  You can also import chords from alternate tunings.

Perfect Ear
(By EDuckAppsSV)

Perfect Ear helps train your ear to recognize intervals, scales, chords and more.  It’s a great all-in-one app to review musical concepts.  The “Rhythm Tapping” exercises allow users to tap out a rhythm similar to the Rhythm Trainer app mentioned above.  This function starts out simple and progressively becomes more challenging.  Other features include a fretboard trainer, circle of fifths and note reading just to name a few.

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