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Why take Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City with Ryan? If you are looking for intimate one on one instruction with measurable set goals, then you are in the right place. Teaching and playing the guitar is My passion and I love to help others learn how to maximize their instrumental playing potential.

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There are several locations here in town where I travel to teach Guitar Lessons in Salt Lake City, Guitar Lessons Holiday Utah, and Guitar Lessons Bountiful Utah.

My Private Lessons start at $40 and I meet with students each week. I believe in custom lessons that are built around YOU. We will set measurable goals for your lessons and track your progression. Not all students learn at the same rate, nor with the same lesson structure. I am the passionate and professional teacher that can help you expand your guitar playing skills. I specialize in students ranging from beginning learners all the way to professional players.

 Private Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City Utah with Ryan

Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City Utah Ryan

Ryan Mitchell is a passionate musician, singer, songwriter, composer and guitar player that has been providing guitar lessons in Salt Lake, Bountiful, and all over the Salt Lake Valley since 2012. Ryan can teach both Classical Guitar lessons Utah, as well as electric guitar lessons! His music pulls influence from a wide variety of genres such as rock, funk, jazz, blues and classical.

The Guitar is a romantic, edgy and noble instrument whose history can be followed back for over 4000 years. The Guitar has now become the most popular instrument to play according to recent data. Taking guitar lessons Salt Lake City is only second to people taking Piano Lessons. There is a magical romanticism that surrounds the guitar, and unlike the Piano, you can easily take it anywhere!

Ryan has studied guitar, piano and singing through Salt Lake Community College as well as privately with various professors from the University of Utah. Some of his mentors include Dean Kaelin, Pat Terry, Dan Waldis, Steve Lowry and MaryAnn Drescher.

As a guitar lesson Salt Lake City teacher, Ryan’s goal is to help students be able to grow a deeper passion for music and attain the skills needed to express themselves musically. I will help you from the very beginning, I will even take the time to help you select the best guitar to get.

My Guitar Lessons are designed to help students not only learn to play the songs they love, but learn how those songs were built and how they can pull the songs apart and create something of their own.

Practice charts will be given at each lesson with specific goals to help each student progress in an effective manner from week to week.

Ryan has experience teaching students ranging from ages 7-69!

  (801) 498 0879

Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City Utah

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